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Entry No.:1736
I am moving to San Antonio in May. I have been a fan of Redd Volkeart since the Merle days. I cna't wait to see you in person.
Thanks for the music and the Tele inspiration.
See you soon!

Tim Pulley (eMail is visible only to Redd), Columbus GA
05/03/2019 12:18

Entry No.:1706
Hi Red long time no talk I see you
you've done well in the music business I always knew you would I remember practising at you house all those years ago lol... Hey where's your brother theses days,I run into Larry Church now and again
good old BC boys


Tony Bucci (eMail is visible only to Redd), Langley bC
06/13/2018 11:56

Entry No.:1670
Hey Redd - Happy Holidays from a New Englander who craves the Southwest - got any snow :-)
CARL MESROBIAN (eMail is visible only to Redd), Salem, MA
12/18/2017 10:56

Entry No.:1624
Hey Redd,it was a pleasure talkin to you at the grocery store.I'm finding with my age that Mr.Haggard surrounded himself with fine folks.Been singin and playin his stuff for crowds since the very early 70's(even at church now).Enjoy every second of it.It's nice ta see fellers that have made it big be so nice.Thanks for the'shirt job'.Sweet better half too,if that's who she was.Glad ta be kindasorta your neighbor.Great minds think alike.Love ta have ya noodle with me anytime.Take care,the buckster
Buck (eMail is visible only to Redd), Just down the road.
10/13/2017 20:12

Entry No.:1622
Hey Redd I'm sure you don't remember me but we jammed at a matinee when I was with Blake Emmons and you were with Brian and PF. You played great then and it just got better. Bravo! I remember you a great easy going no BS guy that I enjoyed talking too. All the best man.
Matt Campbell (eMail is visible only to Redd), ontario, Canada
Homepage:http://rogers by yahoo
08/01/2017 19:51

Entry No.:1616
Hey Redd, sure would love to hear you live again, you ever coming back to Alberta to play? If so please send me an email so I can plan to be there! God Bless you! Monika with a K!
Monika with a K (eMail is visible only to Redd), Carstairs, Alberta
07/18/2017 18:32

Entry No.:1604
Redd, caught your show at the Continental Club last Saturday. It was great and my wife and I feel it was the highlight of our trip to Austin. Hope to catch it again sometime soon. If you ever make it to Oregon, I'd love to invite you to play with a band I play Bass for, The Wasco Bros. You can catch a listen at the link above. In addition to our originals, we play a lot of Buck Owens, Mel Tillis, Merle Haggard and other country greats. We'd love to have you join us sometime!
Ed Dietrich (eMail is visible only to Redd), Hood River, Oregon
06/03/2017 13:16

Entry No.:1594
Hi Redd, we travelled to the United States just recently in July-August, in fact, with Dennis and Vivien Koza we have tried to reach out with them, but not able to do so, we look forward to seeing you in your place, next year, God bless you, see you soon.
gaya rambut keren (eMail is visible only to Redd), Vancouver BC Canada
05/02/2017 03:32

Entry No.:1592
Hi Redd, Thanks so much for signing my guitar yesterday. It was as big a thrill for me as when Marty Stuart let me hold the original BBender Gene Parsons made.
And thanks for the music, simply incredible. I was reduced to shaking my head in wonderment at the virtuousity displayed on every song. Roy and Merle were my heroes and you are certainly doing a great job of carrying on the tradition. I'm in town for a week or two and hope to be able to hear you guys again next week.


Bill Lamberson (eMail is visible only to Redd), Dixie, Florida
04/23/2017 04:24

Entry No.:1585
Redd: I see you'll be at the Island Music Festival in Courtenay BC July 14-16. I'll be there. I played with your dad at the Gulf Club back in 1971, and met you once when you were small (sitting on your bed, picking guitar, of course). Lenny and Patty who also played with Jean and me live near to Courtenay up in Campbell River (we still gig occasionally). I hope to run into you over the festival.
Paul Franklin (eMail is visible only to Redd), Vancouver BC Canada
04/07/2017 18:41

There are 856 Entries in this guestbook
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