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Entry No.:909
Hey Redd

When soling - should I change scales with every chord? If so - is it the Maj scale along with the relative minor pent for each Major chord change?

What do I do when chord changes are flying by fast behind the solo? Do I stick with ONE SCALE that works best over ALL chords?

Where can I get help on HOW TO SOLO COUNTRY STYLE? Most stuff I find online and in store bought videos really stinks!!

People always say, "Just learn other peoples solos and figure it all out." The problem with that is - I cant always figure out what they are doing over EACH chord.


PS: Your my all time Fav country player! I wish I could take private lesson with you!

Frank Speer (eMail is visible only to Redd), United States
12/22/2012 14:09

Entry No.:908
Hey Redd Did you know George Edmans A tele guitar player / Steel player from Phoenix? I worked with him for a few years there at the toolies I think he worked with Merle also Now you have my email give em a shout. Why on earth do you not work in Michigan. I hate to shock you Redd but everyone here loves you too and your rare humor lol I would be glad to hook you up.
Bob Griffis (eMail is visible only to Redd), Grand Rapids Michigan
12/09/2012 06:04

Entry No.:907
Hey Redd, who made the guitar is this vid? Thank you.
Paul (eMail is visible only to Redd), AZ
12/08/2012 12:22

Entry No.:906
Red, any plans to tour in the North East???
Rick Finkelstein (eMail is visible only to Redd), Connecticut
11/03/2012 19:44

Entry No.:904
Hi Redd,
We met at Bismeaux June 2011 you tracked a part for The Tone Pirates record. Was great to meet you and watch you work. I'm still waiting for that jam invite....good on ya' and may the bacon be with you....jimmy butler

Jimmy Butler (eMail is visible only to Redd), Austin
09/17/2012 09:42

Entry No.:903
G'day Redd,

Enjoy your playin. A Tele legend.

Off to order those 4 CDs



Paul Thurston (eMail is visible only to Redd), Melbourne, Australia
08/31/2012 04:19

Entry No.:902
Mr Volkaert, found your name on tdpri, have played your YouTube footage since, topclass!
I tried to find your DVD in region 2 but there's no such thing it would appear. I'll have to settle for the cd's. Keep up the good work and take care.

Shaun (boon) Blandford (eMail is visible only to Redd), Dumfries Scotland
08/09/2012 14:06

Entry No.:901
I was looking at your schedule hoping to find you coming back to New York City.
In a gig listed with Paul Glasse you commented 'going back to school time for me' and that was all I needed to hear. I went right to Amazon and bought all 3 of his cds that were offered (they were bargain priced, uh very cheap, too). That the brief bio mentioned direct links to Johnny Gimble, Tiny Moore and Jethro Burns made me type that much faster. I never heard of him until looking at your site now. Hope is all well. We all need to look after Redd he's the greatest working telecaster player out there today.

RICHARD SEINFELD (eMail is visible only to Redd), New York City
08/08/2012 12:54

Entry No.:900
Hi Redd,
I enjoy your picking and watch your youtube videos frequently. I noticed on one of your videos there was an old tele with a Charlie Christian pickup in the background. I had one just like it many years ago. I was a good friend of Danny Gatton and he installed the pickup in my 52 tele serial # 613. I sold the guitar about 25 years ago. By chance, would your tele be that same guitar that I sold. I would love to know.

Thanks, Ron

Ron Nolan (eMail is visible only to Redd), Richmond, VA
08/07/2012 15:47

Entry No.:899
What can I say, I am an instant fan and wish I had seen this icon play earlier.. Redd and his band have a sense of preserving a sound that we all remember and love. Redd adds his own style and the combustion is a hit! Each band member is amazing.. The Continental Club this past Saturday was amazing!!!!!
Monica C. Armendariz (eMail is visible only to Redd), Austin, Tx
08/05/2012 14:35

There are 860 Entries in this guestbook
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