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Entry No.:889
Hi Redd, it was a pleasure meeting you at the Thai restaurant in Austin recently and an even bigger pleasure to see you perform at The Continental Club! Be well! Deb :)
Deb (eMail is visible only to Redd), Florida
05/28/2012 10:02

Entry No.:888
Redd, I love your stuff & wanna see ya live. Makes me wanna sell all my instruments and buy a nice Tele. But then i hear a smidge of steel guitar . . . good thing the pedal steel is my Uncle's! Focusing on that but i think your CD's will help my playing on anything stringed. Gonna get all your solo stuff next paycheck!
Nathan Emerson (eMail is visible only to Redd), Waterloo, IA
05/23/2012 23:15

Entry No.:887
Big Redd, is a great pleasure to me write to you ,a week ago a friend gave me your DVDs Teletwang, well what about? You are fantastic!, great sound, great feeling, and then when you explain your licks, seems to drink a good jar of beer! when others(guitarplayers...) give you gazoline !!... Thanks to you I'm rediscovering the pleasure of countryblues play, but ... ah ... I forgot,,,that is your real home, and that your real wheels??!Yeah!! you are a genius, I wish you lots of good life and still many years of music, believe me Redd,you deserve them all.
Riz Aiese (eMail is visible only to Redd), Genova,Italy
05/22/2012 12:43

Entry No.:886
The YouTube video of Redd playing "Tube'n" on Santa Cruz Live is brilliant!

I smile every time I watch it, Redd makes genius guitar look so effortless. Thank you SO much for the performance.

John Koenig (eMail is visible only to Redd), Santa Cruz, CA
04/11/2012 17:08

Entry No.:885
If I could only score a gig with Redd.....
Steven Eddy (eMail is visible only to Redd),
03/24/2012 19:57

Entry No.:884
Redd, I'm thinking about hitchhiking to Austin to see you in action. Keep on Rocking!
Zach (eMail is visible only to Redd), St Louis MO
03/15/2012 23:08

Entry No.:883
Thank you for your performance at the Continental last night. It means a lot for other players to get to see someone with that much in their hands and hearts play the instrument.
Shawn Beau (eMail is visible only to Redd), Tampa / Austin
03/12/2012 11:44

Entry No.:882
Hey Redd,
Just saw a vid and if it was not for the colour of your hair, would have swore it was Jean. Sound as good as you always did. Always knew you would makeit!!! Say hey to Burr for me. By the way, after all these years, I would have thought that you could find a way to keep a pig a piglett.

Bob (eMail is visible only to Redd), bc
03/10/2012 10:12

Entry No.:881
Met you when I played bass with Jeannette Lee and East Coast; you were in Prairie Fire. You sang Rose Colored Glasses - I loved it. That turned me on to John Conlee in a big way!

Jammed today with Brent Nadeau of Lachute, QC. He mentioned you as Haggard's current guitarist - just after he sang Workin Man's Blues - said he knew you through the Tele Forum, or something.

Very happy for you and your accomplishments. Looking forward to hearing more of your music. All the best, Redd.


Paul Lifsches (eMail is visible only to Redd), Montreal, Canada
03/03/2012 21:04

Entry No.:880
Saw you play at the continental club,,,damn thats hot,,i was the yankee hootin and hollerin in the back,,,can't wait to catch another show,,,,thank you
paul (eMail is visible only to Redd), connecticut,,,north of waco
02/28/2012 08:51

There are 855 Entries in this guestbook
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