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Entry No.:1747
I visit Austin about four times a year and always come over a Sunday so that I can see Heybale. You’re my favorite Austin band, and I’ve heard that you are leaving at the end of the year which is soon, and moving to Virginia. Is this true?
Scooter (eMail is visible only to Redd), Lafayette Louisiana
11/20/2019 02:32

Entry No.:1746
I'm not sure why it took me so long to to get here. I finally got to see you live June 14th at The Down Home in Johnson City TN. I hope you and Bill can come back soon. Probably the best show I've ever seen in any genre of music. Made a great 50th birthday present for me. Keep on Twangin',
Big Al (Tele Tattoo).

Allen Hughes (eMail is visible only to Redd), Erwin, TN
10/29/2019 00:04

Entry No.:1745
Enjoyed seeing Murph pics! Any Buzz Evans photos?
Bought my first Butterscotch Blonde 'Tele.

Jim Braddock (eMail is visible only to Redd), K-town
09/28/2019 03:16

Entry No.:1742
redd really enjoyed your interview with steve dawson another fleet fingered player from the great north west.thanks for your music and humour..l.c smith
l.c. smith (eMail is visible only to Redd), gibsons b.c. canada
08/10/2019 12:58

Entry No.:1741
Looking forward to having you here for the North Carolina Folk Festival.
David Wright (eMail is visible only to Redd), Greensboro, NC
08/04/2019 22:43

Entry No.:1740
Redd- You forgot to add Gary Morris to your list of folks you worked with in Nashville. I hired you for a demo session in the 90's after Dale Watson told me you were in town. I won't forget seeing you play at the old York Hotel
Bob Girbav (eMail is visible only to Redd), lethbridge AB
08/03/2019 22:28

Entry No.:1739
Just moved to West Virginia from Nashville! Nashville gave me an appreciation of country I didn't know I could have. I've been heavily into Western Swing and traditional country playing the last couple of years. Love your playing brother. So sweet and short! Great tunes!
Nick Black (eMail is visible only to Redd), Morgantown, West Virginia
07/10/2019 20:31

Entry No.:1736
I am moving to San Antonio in May. I have been a fan of Redd Volkeart since the Merle days. I cna't wait to see you in person.
Thanks for the music and the Tele inspiration.
See you soon!

Tim Pulley (eMail is visible only to Redd), Columbus GA
05/03/2019 12:18

Entry No.:1706
Hi Red long time no talk I see you
you've done well in the music business I always knew you would I remember practising at you house all those years ago lol... Hey where's your brother theses days,I run into Larry Church now and again
good old BC boys


Tony Bucci (eMail is visible only to Redd), Langley bC
06/13/2018 11:56

Entry No.:1670
Hey Redd - Happy Holidays from a New Englander who craves the Southwest - got any snow :-)
CARL MESROBIAN (eMail is visible only to Redd), Salem, MA
12/18/2017 10:56

There are 883 Entries in this guestbook
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