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Entry No.:919
Hey Red drop me a line sometime if you get this.
Ernie McCoy

Ernie McCoy (eMail is visible only to Redd), Monteagle, TN
05/10/2013 22:51

Entry No.:918
Hello Redd. I met you face to face at Billy Bob's during sound checks for Merle. I found out you played with Don Cox, The Crazy Gringo and I taught him to play guitar. You wanted his phone number, he had moved to Nashville. You gave me your number and I have lost it. Don passed away last year. In case you didn't know. Shoot me an email and I can fill you in.
Your friend,
Froggy Worden

FROGGY WORDEN (eMail is visible only to Redd), Fort Worth, TX
05/06/2013 01:21

Entry No.:917
Just feeling homesick for Nashville and looking up a few old friends, I sure do miss you guys , I hope you are doing great xoxoxoxo
Debby Elam (eMail is visible only to Redd), Elgin Texas
04/04/2013 00:52

Entry No.:916
Hi Redd, A group of us Visiting from Ireland.. Would like to catch a gig. Are you in The Broken Spoke on Thursday 4th.
Jimmy Rafferty (eMail is visible only to Redd), Austin
04/03/2013 15:00

Entry No.:915
Hi Redd! Great to see you guys in Bee Cave. Kelley, Chris, and I had a good time. Enjoyed your website. Good pork chops! See you around.

Randy "Heritage" Larkin

Randy Larkin (eMail is visible only to Redd), Austin
04/01/2013 10:00

Entry No.:914
Hey Redd! You are fantastic! Me and my bass player are coming to the Continental Club THIS Saturday at 3:30...cannot wait to see and hear you live!
Jennifer B (eMail is visible only to Redd), Austin
03/20/2013 13:23

Entry No.:913
Just saw the pic of the 58 Strat. That was the best $75 you, or should I say, your dad, ever spent lol. I loved the tone of that axe. We did have some fun playing the legions here back then, even if you weren't supposed to leave the stage, as you were underage lol. That never stopped us from having a few pops together. Miss those days, always knew you were one kick ass player, even at 15.
Keep on rawkin'

Phil Nielsen (eMail is visible only to Redd), Canada
03/08/2013 00:01

Entry No.:912
Hi Redd: I work with your nephew "KRIS" and he was telling me about. It is a quiet night, so I have been reading about and listening to some of your YOU Tube stuff, it was really enjoyable.

Keep up the great work. You should bring the band up here sometime.

Regards, Don

Don Slavens (eMail is visible only to Redd), Langley, BC
02/13/2013 06:59

Entry No.:911
Redd - it's been ages! I believe it was at one of the last Cattle Country Jam events in southern Alberta! I was watching a 'Hag' video and couldn't help but smile at the fun you boys always had on stage. Where are you now my friend and what'cha doing? Lee Anne
Lee Anne (eMail is visible only to Redd), Edmonton
01/10/2013 16:45

Entry No.:910
Hi Redd, I just discovered you a few months ago (forgive me for that!!!), And I must say that I am by upsets your music and play guitar. I am now one of your greatest admirers. I expect that Canada accepts me as a permanent resident, but I do not do a lot of illusion, but if that was the case, I could come see you play in Austin and elsewhere in North America. Redd, let me know if you come play again in France. With all my sympathy and repect for the great guitarist you are. Friendships. Christian
Christian PUNDA (eMail is visible only to Redd), La Seyne sur Mer France
01/06/2013 07:28

There are 860 Entries in this guestbook
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