FretBoard Trainer
If you’re interested in learning a few of my instrumentals
from James Tyner, he has all you need right here
If you think you 2 or 3 pickup guitar gets all the sounds you want,
check this guys switching panel out, OMG its endless.
A recording sound getters dream!
Ernie Ball
Ernie Ball strings.
The BEST guitar straps made.
Durham Electronics
Fabulous pedals!
Hahn Guitars
I think I found the answer.
OC Duff
I found some killer pickups!
More Great Pickups
Tomkins Guitars
Killer guitars!
Glendale Guitars
Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue
Talk about Teles.
Grammatico Amps
Kick Azz Amps
Doc Fisher Guitars
These guitars are precision but hand made
. . . I guess thats why they cal him Doc