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05/26/2006 First Installment of Pig Tales
Welcome to the first installment of Pig Tales! Now that I have tortured the website password out of Redd, Im taking over this section. You will find news, gossip, and borderline slander posted here for your reading pleasure each month or so, more or less.

First things first, lets catch you up on whats been going on in the wild world of Mr. Volkaert so far in 2006. To start the year off right and find some warmer climate, on January 15th Redd flew off to visit to all of his fans a little further south. OK. a lot further south. He was so anxious to get to Australia that he got his scheduled departure date mixed up, and he went to airport on the 13th. And then the 14th. They finally let him on the plane on the 15th.

Once he arrived in Australia, Redd headed over to Tamworth for the Telstra Tamworth Country Music Festival. This monster shindig is sort of similar to South by Southwest in Austin, and it hosts vendors, manufacturers, industry types and 130 venues of live music all day every day. Redd attracted some attention there for the Tomkins Guitar Company, as well as sitting in as guest guitar player with 3 different bands, Travis List, Travis Collins, and Albi Poole.He says he had a ball pickin with all of those guys.

Towards the end of the Tamworth festival, Redd went back to Sidney to do some recording with Stuart French. Then, the night before he returned to the U.S., he played a gig at which all of the folks hed met in Tamworth, now back home in Sidney, came and hung out and jammed. It would have been nice to check that out, but, alas...

Because he went solo, no one REALLY knows all that Redd was up to in Australia. He did come back with a new crocodile-skin guitar strap and what looked like claw marks on him arms. I guess the old tooled leather strap was getting pretty ripe, so he rassled a croc to get a new one. Presumably, the remainder of that big lizard pelt went to make new shoes and matching purse for Tammy Wy-Not.

(Speaking of Australia, a friend loaned Redd a live DVD of the greatest rock band from that neck of the woods, AC/DC. His take on the legendary Angus Young was something along the lines of a that little leprechaun in shorts has more facial expressions than guitar licks.
Yes, we also think it is pretty pot-calling-kettle-black for Redd to refer to anyone as a leprechaun.)

By the way, Redd returned from the land down under to find a new My Space page set up for him. Although it has been somewhat altered by the artist, the page retains some of its original charm. Check it if you too are a member of the My Space cult.

After a whole day at home, Mr. Jet-Setter was off again, heading the other direction to Edmonton, Alberta. It was a dual-purpose trip. Redd played a Legends of Country Music show up there, backing up Joyce Smith along with many other peers & friends. He also hooked up with his brother to concoct the ultimate surprise party for their mom. A couple/few weeks later, Redd flew north again, this time to Vancouver to execute the surprise. I havent heard anything about lawsuits or court dates, so I guess they were well-behaved and a good time was had by all.

What with all of this international travel and subterfuge, it is amazing to report that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security let Redd back into the U.S. without too much hassle, strip-searching, or detention at customs. Surprising, I know, but apparently they dont think he looks too dangerous. Appearances can be deceiving.

Shortly after returning from the big birthday bash, more chances to party presented themselves as South by Southwest came and went. Redd played a showcase at Cedar Street with Cindy Cashdollar that blew the crowd away. Sorry if you missed it. Really, I am. I guess hed finally recoved from the jet lag because it was one of the best shows Ive seen Redd play in a while, and Cindy was so on fire that she busted a string on her steel. Redd said it was her G

Lately, life in Austin for Redd has been business as usual. He stays kind of busy, averaging 1.33 gigs a day. Plus, there is plenty of session work. And recording has begun on a studio album with Heybale! As if thats not enough, hints of a new solo record to be finished soon sound promising, but as yet not fully substantiated. Id say thats a pretty full plate for one little guy.

Some really exciting news, not gossip, is the release of a couple DVDs of Mr. Volkaert himself. Dont be looking for more faces than licks, this live video (also featuring Cindy) is sure to rock your socks. And if you want to learn how to do it yourself, Redd is also selling an instructional DVD. Buy it, learn all his moves, and try to steal his gig! Go back to the home page & click on the dont forget icon.

Oh, and, heres a tidbit of information that is not exactly new, but for some reason was previously unmentioned. Last fall saw a notable CD release for which Redd should get some credit. Rapture of the Deep by the rock band Deep Purple. Yes, you read it right. Redd played on a couple songs. Arent you curious?

Thats all for now. Check back around June-ish for more juicy tidbits.

Until then ~ Javelina Ferrell

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