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07/10/2008 Leck Owt!!!
Our last pig tales left off toward the end of February, which was also the end of the Redd Volkaert Band’s Tuesday night residency at Shoal Creek Saloon. So what has Redd done with this newfound freedom and extra night off? Well, it looks like he finally got around to finishing that record that he started a few years ago. Finally! Perhaps it was the free time and the desire to hide away in a dark recording studio during the South by Southwest madhouse, but the month of March saw final bits of recording and then mixing of a whole new kind of Redd Volkaert record. Hang on to your hats, folks, “Reddhead” the album, makes its official debut on September 16. Check back closer to time for details regarding what might be a fancy schmancy CD Release Par-tay. Hooray!

After all that hard work and the good feeling of accomplishment, Redd headed to his old stomping grounds of Nashville the last day of March and first day of April to play on some records for some gals there. I guess he was already warmed up and still in studio mode…

A few days later, April 5 to be exact, the Redd Volkaert Band joined Floyd Domino to play the very swanky first annual Oak Hill Worlds Fair. They actually got to play on a man-made island on Fire Lake. Pretty cool. I guess that acts like a moat to keep the rabid fans from rushing the stage?

And then Redd, with the Heybale crew, took care of some very important business with their ultra hot photo shoot for their new record, “The Last Country Album.” Rumor has it they caught Earl Pool Ball on film in a rather compromising position. Guess you’ll just have to buy they new Heybale record to see for yourself. You can find it out now since the official release happened June 17.

Despite the rumors, Heybale still got booked to play at pretty fabulous wedding reception in Santa Barbara April 26. It was all right on the beach, so they got some good salty west coast breeze and maybe a little sand in uncomfortable places. Here’s how high-rolling the band was feeling, the property next door to the wedding belongs to Kevin Costner. Redd says he snuck into his yard to wave to him, but he wasn’t home, and the maintenance folks promptly escorted him back through the gate. Too bad. Kevin must be sad to have missed such good music.

April also brought a little springtime bundle of joy for Papa Redd. He adopted a 7-month-old baby. Of the canine variety, that is. Specifically a Chihuahua. Not that any old Chihuahua could ever replace Ernie, but the new addition to the Volkaert household is a sweet little bug-eyed guy that Redd (appropriately?) named Dick. Go figure.

And it’s deja vu all over again. Redd was again invited to play this year’s May 1 tribute to Link Wray with the 13 Guitar Rumble at the Continental Club. Like always, he was just there trying to show up all the other players.

May 8 saw some more jet setting for the fabulous Mr. Volkaert. He flew over to sunny Sweden where he played at a few clubs as a warm-up before rocking out the Fuzz Guitar Magazine vintage guitar show in Gothenburg, Sweden. After a week of overdosing on Swedish meatballs, our pal Redd made his way back home to Austin and his little Dick.

After spending the rest of the month playing some sessions and his regular old gigs, R.V. joined Heybale for another encore show, though one probably a little more rehearsed than the 13 Guitar Rumble. The guys flew up to NYC to play two tasty nights at the Hill Country Barbecue’s first birthday bash. If you recall (or refer back to old Pig Tales) Heybale played the restaurant’s grand opening last year. Apparently the ‘cue has gone over so swimmingly well in Manhattan that the Glossermans are making plans to open HCBBQs in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. too. I think we can all agree that the secret to their success is the annual Heybale gigs.

After a mostly calm May, Mr. Volkaert finally graduated into June with a high school graduation party gig on the 7th. They didn’t give him a diploma or anything, but I’m betting that he did get some cake.

So, here’s a tasty tidbit…that weekend Redd had four shows, two on Saturday and two on Sunday, but Tall Tom Lewis had to fill in on the drums. Band Leader Chris Gilson had vacated town to go to Las Vegas with his old lady. The funny thing is, Chris claims they were going to see the Sex Pistols show there (badass, right?) but through the grapevine we’ve learned that Chris had actually dragged his girl off to Vegas to go to the Celine Dion show with him. Wow, sensitive.

As for the rest of June, I think it was a lot of same old same old and some good quality time with the new pup.

July, however, has started with a bang. Or, thankfully without a bang seeing as how our pal Redd was on an airplane…again. This time he traveled with the whole Heybale band. Now that would be an interesting flight over the Atlantic! The guys left town on July 3 on a plane to Norway. After spending a low key July 4 out of the U.S., Heybale headlined the Vinstra Country Festival in Vinstra, Norway on July 5, to a crowd of 5,000. That’s just a few more people than will fit in the Continental Club.

Redd made it home the next day, with a new little toy in tow. Poor Dick was pretty disappointed that Dad didn’t bring any toys for him. But, the summer holds plenty of traveling with opportunity to bring the little guy home a souvenir or two.

This weekend the Redd Volkaert Band, along with the lovely Cindy Cashdollar, are heading up to Redd’s old homeland (Canada) for the Cisco Ottawa Blues Festival. Then they are home for a whole week before the foursome soars over to play the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia, on a co-bill with Bill Kirchen. The R.V.B. follows up that show on the 24th with a jaunt a bit further north to Massachusetts for the Lowell Folk Festival on the 25th, 26th and 27th before heading back to great state of Texas. Who knows how long he’ll be home then. I think there might be some countries he hasn’t hit yet.

So that’s about all, folks. Don’t forget, “Reddhead”, out September 16. Oh, and did I fail to mention another little nugget of news? I think perhaps I did. In April Redd spent a little extra time in the recording studio as a favor to an old friend, Mr. Brad Paisley. Brad also has a new album coming out soon, and he asked Redd to once again play on a track on the record. Look for it out in the not-too-distant future. Sounds like it is going to be a really good one. Not as good as “Reddhead” though…

That’s all for now. Gotta go get my slop.


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