, December 2019

Austin, TX is losing yet another music legend. The latest to join the stampede out of the Live Music Capital of the World is Grammy winner and guitar-playing legend Redd Volkaert. ...
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Join us for an evening of live music every other Thursday with guitarist Redd Volkaert. The music is free and takes place from 6:00-8:00pm. Enjoy a homemade and delicious dinner from our full cafe menu, with additional dinner specials. ...
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Truetone Lounge, January 2020

In the latest installment of the Truetone Lounge, Redd Volkaert shares with us his journey from the bars of Vancouver, Canada, to the stages with Merle Haggard, to his Grammy win for his work with Brad Paisley, to his current status as one of the great Honky-Tonk guitar heroes. ...
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Crawdaddy, January 2009

Redd Volkaert is a master of the Telecaster with an impressive resume that includes fronting the superstar hillbilly band the Twangbangers with Bill Kirchen and Dallas Wayne, lead guitar duties for Merle Haggard, ...
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AllMusic 2008

If you really miss Danny Gatton, then discovering a Telecaster slinger like Redd Volkaert is one of the few things that can assuage the abiding grief just a little bit..
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Lowell Sun, July 2008

You're overworked. Redd's sausage-like fingers strangle your neck over and over, wringing out, in a 20-second solo, more quality licks than 10 ice cream stands..
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Austin Chronicle, January 2007

Redd won the best electric guitarist in Austin award again this year, 2 in a row..
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MySpace Interview, May 2007

A MySpace interview with Redd.
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Fender News, July 2006

If you're unfamiliar with the incredible Redd Volkaert, either of two DVDs released this year would make a fine introduction to his world of Tele-slingin' honky-tonkin' good times. Live in Austin features a performance at the Continental Club in Volkaert's adopted Texas home city; Stolen Licks is an instructional DVD with a dozen licks ripe for the picking. Either fantastic disc (or both, better yet) will have you seeing Redd in no time. [...]
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It was a '58 model of Fender's first electric solid-body guitar and this was around 1970 or '71. The precursor of the legendary Telecaster had a white ash body with a white pickguard, a tiny coffee stain on the case but no wear on the guitar; the lacquer was still on the neck. [...]
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AUSTIN, Texas. Coming up near Vancouver, B.C., the Volkaert boy was . . . he doesn't want to say poor, exactly, he just never wanted a lot of stuff. But when his dad came home with a Fender Esquire, that the kid wanted. [...]
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Vintage Guitar Magazine, March 2005

Vintage Guitar Magazine, June 2005

Ray Benson's Birthday Bash

Vintage Guitar Magazine, Nov 2003

By Ward Meeker

[...] I got to know Redd a couple years ago, and he has changed my life. I've wanted to cut a duet with him actually my wife (actress Kimberly Williams) had as much to do with that as anyone [...]
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Austin Chronicle April 13, 2001

By Jerry Renshaw

When Leo Fender dreamed up the Telecaster electric guitar back in '49 or so, it's doubtful he knew what uses it would be put to, especially in the hands of someone like Redd Volkaert. The local Telecaster master is all over the guitar like grease on a pork chop, quoting jazz, country, blues, and Western swing as effortlessly as turning on the lights in the living room. [...]
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By Jeff Wall

If you ever go see Merle Haggard, you will most likely notice this redheaded Amish looking guy playing the Telecaster. He's not only able to play all those classic Roy Nichols licks, but he adds some of his own magic in there as well. [...]
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By Jeff Wall

A 1953 Fender Telecaster guitar has a distinctive twang, and when it's in the hands of guitar master Redd Volkaert , you can imagine yourself in a Country & Western bar as the waitress makes her rounds for last call. [...]
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Vintage Guitar Magazine, June 2001

By John Heidt

Anybody who's paid any attention to guitarists in the past decade or so won't be too surprised when I say what a nice album this is. Redd, as many of you probably already know, is a genial-looking fellow who resembles a lepraucaun and plays the living hell out of a Telecaster. [...]
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Austin Chronicle November 10th,2000

By Jerry Renshaw

Not too many things from 1953 are much good today. Hell, in our throwaway culture, few things from back then are even still around. [...]
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